The Institute for Plant Protection (IPP) is part of the Agricultural and Food Department of National Research Council (CNR).  The IPP is located in the CNR area of research in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) with Organizational Support Units in Bari, Turin and Portici. The mission of IPP is the study of plants stress factors, in order to identify resistance mechanisms and methods of defense against biotic stress and abiotic stress protection in order to improve quality and quantity of agricultural food production and for a sustainable and environmentally friendly growth. The activities are divided into 5 IPP research lines:


  • Plants resistance factors to biotic and abiotic stress (AG.P04.023)
  • Plant-organism-environment interactions, multitrophic relationships and biocontrol in plant defense (AG.P04.024)
  • Biodiversity in agricultural and forestry systems: genetic, molecular and epigenetic basis (AG.P04.025)
  • Sustainable technologies for plants protection from damage agents (AG.P04.026)
  • Protection of biodiversity in the forest and natural ecosystems in response to global change (AT.P02.035)


In 2005-2010 period the following research lines have been developed:


  • Biodiversity of hosts, pathogens, vectors, pests and symbiotic fungi in the rhizosphere (AG.P02.006).
  • Host-organism-environment interactions: biology, epidemiology and functional genomics (AG.P01.013).
  • Study and development of innovative struggle strategies for the protection of plants (AG.P04.002).
  • Economic and environmental impact of stress factors on plants and agroforestry productive ecosystems (AG.P04.003).
  • Structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems (TA.P01.002).



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